My Village

           My village is Situated at division of polpithigama.It,s name is nikawewa.It has many poor people. It has a temple.It has a school. It has a Hospital.My village very dig and It has many house.many farmes in my village.It has not a very prosperity. my village has not many buildings.I love my village…………..


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My Brother

I Have a Brother.My brother’s Name is N.Taridu udara Rukshan. He is in Grade six. His school is Nikawewa Deewanampiyathissa M.M.V. My brother is very kind and very good. He can learn very well.He can grow well.His favourite food is rice and curry. His favourite subject is Tamil. His favourite colour is yellow.His favourite storyes book is Andare. He is very kind.I love my brother……………………………………………..

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Our English Camp

We have a english camp of our lighthouse school.There are mamy camps join the camp. they all are very good.They have many ideas.                  

              I    have join the English camp.I can learn many.It is very fun. My group is WISDOM. I  like  this ENGLISH CAMP.

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My Best Friend

               There are many peoples have a hobby.some people have a one friend.some people have many friends.       I have a friend. My best friend is N.P.Dilini  umasha. she is very kind.She has a long hair.She is very beautiful.She has a one brother and no sisters. she came our school. Her favourite subject is English.Her favourite colour is Blue.Her favourite   food is buns. She is in Moragollagama.She like to be a doctor.

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Tha butterfly

There are many butterflys in the wold.some butterflys are big and some butterflys are small.I like the butterflys.They are very very beautiful.I Love the butterfly.

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The Importance of Newspapers

       newspapers are of great importance.they give us  the news of our own country. they all so give us the news of other countryi.Newspapers tell us what is happening here and abrood.reading newspapers inproves our knowledge.we can gather much information by reading a news papers.A students who readings and English newspapers will improve his or

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Fragonard's The SwingI found you an interesting post: the Productivity 501 blog has interviewed more productivity experts than you can shake a Blackberry at, and has compiled the ultimate master list of the biggest timewasters, according to the experts. See if you can identify yourself in any of these scenarios, and think about ways to not be that guy.

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The swing

         Hw do you like to go up in a swing.up in the air so blue?oh,I do think it the pleasontest thing.Every a child can do:up in the air and over the wall,Till I can

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                             Apirl is a month of festivals. The sinhalese and the Hindus celebrate the new yrar.the new year is generally on the 13th or 14thof apirl.The new year is a national festival.The sinhalese and the hindus celebrate it in different ways.The new year festival  have special food.This is a very special day to sinhalese and Hindus.

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          There are  many people  have a hobby. Some people have many hobbys and some people have one hobby.

           Reading, Reading news papers, Singing,drowing, Weriting they are some hobbys.

              Then,I have a hobby.My  favourite hobby is  callent stams. calleing stams are favourit hobby of many. It is of gread imporance.I like my favourit hobby and stamps are must of all.

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