My Father

           My Father’s name is Na warathnalage wimalsiri Nawarana. He is very kind.He is aclerk.His favourite colour is Red. Her favourite food is buns.Her favourite is English.He has two sisters and one brother.He is very toll.I love my Father.

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          My Mother’s Name is Nawarathnalage Ashoka chandrani Nawarathna.She is very beautiful.She is a teacher. She is very kind.Her favourite food is berd. Her favourite culour is Blue. Her hair is very beautiful.She can ride motorcycle.She help to me.She  wosh my cloths.I love my Mother.

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My Brother

              My Brother’s Name is Nawarathnalage Taridu Udara Rukshan.He is  in Grade 6    in Nikawewa Central Collage.He is very kind. His favourite colour is Yellow.His favourite food is rice and curry.His favourite subject is English. He is beautiful.I love my Brother.

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The coconut tree

           the coconut tree is frund in many parts of Sri lanka.It grows especilly well in the north western parts of the  country. this part  is sometimes called the ‘COCONUT TRIANGIE’. the coconut tree is useful to pencie in many different ways.Every part of the tree-fruit,fruit,leaves,trunk shell is used for making something useful.

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kumrathunga munidasa

                kumaratunga munidasa was born in 1887.He wos the son of a doctor.his mother wos a house wife.He attended the village schoolof poor children.His pali and sinhala teacher wosdikwellaVidurupola piyatissahimi.He died in 1875.

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Environmental Pollution

What is Envi nmetal?Eneoplevironmental is the sourounding where we has three parts. There are the land,the air and the water.People pollud the is the land pollution. People Pollud is the air pollution.people pollud the is the water is very very harmfull. it can kill plants and can harmus all.We must try to stop Pollution.People throw garbage in to water.then vater become Pollution.Then,We must try and stop the Pollution.

                          Then I think you all are help that.

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My pet

My pet is a puppy.Its name is jimee. It likes to eat Fish and meat. When a ball is given it likes to play With that.Blacky is small but it can bark.My pet is very beautiful.I love my pet.

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My school

My school is Nikawewa m.m.v. it is very big. There are about sisty teachers
and one thousand in my school.our school is a light house school.I like my school very much. We can play games because we have a playground. It is
the biggest school in the area.
We like to attend school every day. The children in our school are
clever and they do very well at public examinations. Most of them bring a lot
of credit to our school.I love my school.

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My Garden

I have flower garden. It is lovely. There are mane beautiful flowers in it. Roses, orcheds, shoe flowers,Carnations, jesmines and sun flowers are some of them.    

                         Every  day I  water  the   flower   plants .  some   birds  and butterflies come to suck honey from the flowers.I love my garden.

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My self

My name is N.Punarji Sithumini Rukshali. I am eleven years old. Ilive in Nikawewa. I am in six. My school Nikawewa m.m.v.My hobby is sing song.My  mother,s name mrs.N.a.C Nawarathna.  She is a Teacher. My father,s name mr.N.W.Nawarathna.He is a clerk.I have one brother and no sisters. he is a student. My favourite colour isYellow.My favourite subject is music. My favourite fruit is Pineapple.I will be a doctor.

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